Presentations from Wales Health at Work Summit 2019

Download our presentations from the day to help your organisation #WorkRight

On the 10 October 2019 the newly formed Wales Health at Work Partnership (WHWP), a coalition of organisations committed to improving workplace health and wellbeing in Wales, hosted the first Wales Health at Work Summit in Llandudno where the multi-agency conference discussed two of the biggest health issues facing Wales’ working population – mental health and wellbeing and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Wales Health at Work Summit 2019

Members of the WHWP include the Welsh Government, Public Health Wales and its ‘Healthy Working Wales’ programme, HSE, the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), Business Wales, and social partners.

The Summit attracted around 150 delegates and particularly focused on helping small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to address these issues. Attendees heard from a wide range of speakers from across government and industry.

During the day, the newly-formed WHWP set itself several objectives to support Welsh business and its workforce by:

  • promoting new and existing initiatives in Wales to improve health at work and mental wellbeing
  • sharing approaches, tools and workplace experience for managing the risk and reducing the incidence of major causes of occupational ill health in Wales
  • gathering and acting on information regarding additional health support needed by Wales’ working population
  • developing a coordinated and sustainable approach to underpin the work of the Partnership

Peter Brown, Deputy Director for HSEs Health and Work Programme, said:

“Health is a complex area and, as we all know, health improvements are not delivered in one day. That’s as true for HSE’s own role, preventing work-related ill health, as for any other, and makes partnership working all the more important. HSE is therefore delighted to be a part of [the] launch.”

The WHWP is just one area that HSE is involved in to help Great Britain work well, and an important part of our collaborative working with businesses and duty holders to improve health and safety standards.