Leaving the European Union

The government is committed to maintaining workers’ rights and enhancing them, where appropriate. The United Kingdom (UK) already has a strong track record on ensuring health and safety in the workplace.

From the 1st February the UK will no longer be a member of the European Union. The UK will enter a transition period while the government negotiates the future relationship with the EU. During this transition period your duty to manage risks in the workplace will not change.

We will keep you updated on what this means for you and your business and any specific actions you need to take before 31 December when the transition period ends. In the meantime we will continue to work to reassure and help you improve your knowledge and understanding of health and safety law.

Good health and safety is good for business, we want to help organisations to manage risk well and proportionately. Empowering organisations to be flexible will help maintain standards and remove over compliance and complacency.

Our Health and Safety made simple  guidance provides useful information to help you manage the risks in your business in a proportionate way.

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