Working at height

Doing the right thing

In all businesses there are tasks that workers may need to carry out involving work at different levels above the ground.

HSEs Go Home Safe campaign is challenging small business to listen to workers when they are talking about these tasks, do you hear them talking about working at height?

No matter how high or how low the task requires them to work at, they need to consider how they manage the risks working at height can pose. 

The Go Home Safe campaign wants to encourage small business to think differently and encourage workers to have the conversation about managing risk when working at height.

The biggest killer of people at work each year are falls from height.

Falls from a height accounted for 27% of all fatal injuries (a five year average of 36 fatal injuries per year)

Falls from height are responsible for:

  • 27% of all deaths at work
  • 1 in 6 specified injuries at work (2017/18)

We can send you free guidance, designed for small businesses, to help you Go home safe. The first step you can take to protect yourself and your workers is to sign up to the Go home safe newsletter.

If you are an employer, you have a duty to protect your workers – it’s the law.

What you can do right now

Think differently

  • Avoid the need for working at height and remove the risk
  • Take out any risk during the planning process for the task
  • If you can’t remove the risk make sure your workers know how to think about and manage the risks involved at working from height

Top tips for workers

  • Do as much work as you can on the ground
  • Make sure you have access to the right equipment and tools – if you’re not sure find out 
  • Dynamically manage the risk throughout the task

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