Slips trips and falls

You may think someone slipping, tripping or falling in work is nothing to be concerned about but you would be wrong. Slip, trips and falls pose a real threat to all businesses in the country and account for 31% of non-fatal injuries (RIDDOR reported 2017/18). That’s more than 22,000 employees per year being injured as a result of not managing the workplace risk properly. 

If you are an employer this should really concern you – when a staff member is injured, they will most likely need time off work to recover, which comes at a cost to your business.

If you are a worker you also need to understand the risk – the causes of slips trips and falls are easily identifiable and can usually be avoided by good housekeeping. Think about having to take time off work, possibly losing your job if the injury is serious, and the impact on you and your family.

Slips trips and falls can happen for a number of reasons and every employer and worker needs to be aware of the causes and manage the risk.

Every worker has the right to go home safe at the end of a day’s work. Our Go Home Safe campaign is calling time on slips trips and falls in the workplace – make sure you play your part.