Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

MSDs include injury and pain to backs, joints and limbs which can affect your quality of life. Do the right thing and protect your workers from work-related MSDs.

Manage the risks of MSDs

Find out what you can do to tackle the risks of MSDs.

What others are doing

Find out how other organisations have made positive changes in managing MSDs. These examples show how changing the way you work can make tasks much safer and reduce risk.

Low-cost solutions improve manual handling

A copper wire manufacturer reduced manual handling by working with a lifting aids manufacturer to develop simple engineered solutions.

Design solutions can reduce the risk of MSDs

Nurses developed a new, height-adjustable trolley to reduce the risk of MSDs while cleaning or dressing patients’ legs.

What HSE is doing

HSE is working to reduce work-related MSDs using communication, partnerships, regulatory work in the highest-risk sectors and evidence-based interventions.

Latest statistics on work-related MSDs

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