Connect with us

Building and maintaining relationships with a range of influential individuals and organisations, helps to improve our understanding of what our audiences are thinking.

We work in partnership and build new relationships with organisations to create advocates who put health and safety at the core of business thinking. Our partnerships help to inform our thinking and plans which ultimately help us to deliver our strategy.

HSE Connect is our national conference and our roadshows offer opportunities for organisations to get involved with us. 

HSE Connect brings together industry, the regulator, trades union and intermediaries to showcase good health and safety practice through lectures, seminars, exhibitions, panel discussions, surgeries and workshops. Our annual conference takes themes such as how the world of work is changing, brings together latest insights and best practice, useful tools and techniques for effective and proportionate risk management.

Talking to a wide range of organisations and getting them involved in what we do is important. Listening is also a big part of what we do. What leaders have to say about health and safety challenges helps us to understand how together we can Help GB Work Well.

We do this, in part by working with our commercial colleagues to build external partnerships which can benefit the wider Health and Safety system and by working closely with our colleagues in policy who regularly engage with a range of different individuals and organisations.

If you are interest in partnership with us you can contact