Great Britain’s health and safety record is the envy of much of the world. Key to this success has been the approach to managing workplace risk. Protecting and safeguarding a business’s most important asset – its workers – is at the heart of our Helping Great Britain Work Well Strategy.

When people are made ill or injured because of the work they do it has a big impact on the person affected, their family, and their colleagues. Plus, it can lead to disruption and damage the reputation of their organisation. It also impacts the whole economy by adding costs, making industries, companies, and ultimately Britain, less competitive.

Be part of our campaign

By joining the Work Right cause and spreading the word about the benefits of proportionate and effective risk management, we can make a difference and help businesses in England Wales and Scotland to Work Right – everyone has the right to go home healthy after work.
Whilst we have a health and safety record to be proud of, ill health, injury and fatal statistics show there is still more to be done.

Statistics for 2017 to 2018

  • Fatal injuries at work = 144
  • Workers suffering from a work-related illness = 4 million
  • Workers suffering from a work-related injury = 555,000
  • Working days lost, due to work-related illness and injury = 7 million
  • Businesses or people prosecuted that resulted in a conviction for failing in their health and safety duty = 493

People are an organisation’s most important asset. Ensuring their health and safety by managing risk well is at the heart of our campaign approach. The campaign helps to achieve this by encouraging everyone to talk about how they’re managing risk in their organisation.

Risk is ever present in the workplace and is constantly evolving as the pace of change increases. Industries and business are constantly evolving risk management practices to meet present and future challenges. By being part of this campaign they support the Help Great Britain Work Well Strategy.

The campaign brings together different industries, unions, professional bodies, businesses and organisations to share learning and best practice. The campaign reaches out to both employers and employees encouraging them to join the conversation and make their commitment to Helping Great Britain Work Right. By telling their health and safety stories and helping others to understand the importance of managing risk in their organisation, they will help to ensure every worker goes home healthy.