Any organisation can make a commitment to Helping Great Britain Work Well.
A commitment is a demonstration of what your organisation is doing to protect workers, keep them safe and can ultimately, save lives.
We’re looking for examples of innovation and good practice on:

  • acting together
  • tackling ill health
  • managing risk well
  • supporting small employers
  • keeping pace with change
  • sharing success

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Making a commitment

You can submit your commitment below.
Industry specialists will review your commitment and if approved we will ask you for updates on what you’re doing and how it’s making a difference.
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Why you should make a commitment

We will highlight your organisation and your commitment by sharing your experience with the Helping Great Britain Work Well community on websites, social media, publications and conferences.
This will:

  • promote good health and safety practice and help others take advantage of what works well
  • make you stand out as a leader
  • enhance your good reputation
  • give you recognition for your good work

How you can get involved

  • Explore the commitments already made, find out more information, or make your own commitment.
  • Share, discuss good practice and network by joining the Helping Great Britain work well LinkedIn group.
  • Get in touch, email

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