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Healthy workplaces European campaign 2016/17

EU-OSHA’s Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2016 – 2017 is ‘Healthy workplaces for all ages’– focusing on the promotion of sustainable work and healthy ageing throughout working life and effective management of workplace health and safety in the context of an ageing workforce.
Healthy workplaces manage stress – European campaign 2016/17 site.

Healthy workplaces European campaign 2014/15

EU-OSHA‘s Campaign, focused on managing work related stress. 
Healthy workplaces manage stress – European campaign 2014/15 site.

Healthy workplaces European campaign 2012/13

EU-OSHA‘s Campaign, focused on the twin concepts of management leadership and worker participation in occupational safety and health.
Working together for risk prevention – European campaign 2012/13 site.

Falls from vehicles

Raising awareness of the risk of falling when accessing and/or working at height on vehicles. Falls from vehicles campaign site.

Bad Hand Day

Aimed to raise managers’ and hairdressers’ awareness of dermatitis and persuade them to take action against it. Bad Hand Day campaign site.

Watch your step – slips and trips

Do you know the true cost of people slipping up and tripping over at your company? Watch your step campaign site.

Farm Safe

Children are often present and every year they are seriously hurt and even killed in farm accidents. Farm safe campaign site.

Work Smart

A series of videos featuring stories about accidents, near misses and risks in the workplace. Work smart campaign site.